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Domestic Violence Injunctions Attorney Assists the St. Petersburg Area

Experienced legal representation for domestic violence injunctions

A domestic violence injunction (DVI) can be used to protect you against a violent spouse, ex or partner. Unfortunately, a vengeful person may also inappropriately use these injunctions (also known as restraining or protective orders) to gain the upper hand in a divorce or other disputes. At the Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A. in St. Petersburg, Florida, we represent victims and people accused of domestic violence.

What is domestic violence?

Many types of acts, including verbal threats, fall in the category of domestic violence. The most frequent types of violence that lead to a court granting a domestic violence injunction include:

  • Sexual assault — Forcing someone to perform a sex act against his or her will is sexual assault, even when it occurs between spouses.
  • Assault — An assault is a threat to harm another. The threat can be verbal only, or it can be made with a weapon. The person making the threat need not actually harm someone in order to be charged with assault.
  • Battery — Battery is when someone physically harms another. Hitting, pushing and tripping another person are examples of battery.
  • Aggravated battery — Battery becomes aggravated battery when a weapon is used, or when the victim suffers a serious injury or permanent or even temporary disfigurement.

What kinds of relief can a domestic violence injunction provide me?

Victims of spousal or partner abuse do not have to put up with abuse or to live in fear. If you or your child has suffered physical abuse, frequent or extreme verbal abuse or been threatened with a gun, knife or other weapon, you are likely eligible to request a domestic violence injunction.

The Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A. will help you seek immediate protection while we go through the legal process of obtaining an injunction against your abuser. As a part of the DVI, the court can:

  • Issue a no-contact order, which will order the offender to stay 500 feet away from your home and place of employment, and to have no contact with you
  • Allow you exclusive use of the home, if you are married
  • Refer your case for an additional hearing to determine support and visitation, if you have children

If you are accused of spousal abuse

Accusations of domestic violence occur frequently. Sometimes something has happened to prompt the charges, and sometimes the charges are false. If you are facing a domestic violence injunction, the Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A., experienced in domestic violence injunction cases, can provide forceful representation to protect your rights and help achieve a fair outcome.

If your spouse is successful in obtaining a DVI against you during your divorce, your life can be very difficult. You may be barred from your home and required to have supervised visitation with your children. You will be ordered to stay away from your spouse and be barred from contacting him or her. This means that all communications concerning the issues of your divorce or custody case will need to go through your respective attorneys.

An injunction can be modified after it is issued if the plaintiff decides that you are no longer a threat or if you can show that the original claim was not justified. If you have been accused of domestic violence assault or are a victim of abuse, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights.

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