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Family Law Mediation Attorney in St. Petersburg Serves Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee Counties

A certified Supreme Court Family Law Mediator can help ease your divorce

Christina Sandvoss, of the Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A., is a certified Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator. Family law mediation is a legal way for you to settle your divorce at less cost and time than going through the court system. Mediation gives you some control over the final agreement, as it is in you and your ex’s hands rather than the judge’s.

Why family law mediation?

The main task of a mediator is to work for the good of both parties, staying neutral and not pressuring either side. A certified Family Law Mediator has been trained in the mediation process and has demonstrated competence and fairness.

In Florida, each divorce must go through mediation before motions and trials will be set before the court. For mediation in a high-asset case, where the total income of both parties is $100,000 or more, the parties must arrange to hire a family law mediator themselves to act as a neutral third party and pay the mediator’s fee directly to the mediator. Clients whose combined income is less than $100,000 can access an experienced, certified mediator through the court. The cost is modest compared with the cost of hiring an attorney.

You need not wait to meet with the mediator in order to start discussing the divorce issues. If you and your former spouse reach an agreement on your own, without consulting with the mediator, you must file a Marital Settlement Agreement with the court.

What issues does mediation address?

The goal of family law mediation is to reach a written agreement on all aspects of the divorce, to achieve a fair outcome for both parties and any children, and to avoid misunderstandings or conflicts later. The issues addressed during mediation include:

  • How will the assets and debts acquired during the marriage be divided?
  • Will either party request alimony, and if so, will the payment be in a lump sum, for a limited time period or indefinitely?
  • Is either party entitled to additional payments, such as retirement payments?
  • If there are children, what will be the custody, visitation and support arrangements?

As a Family Law Mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, our attorney is available to mediate your divorce. We will guide you through the mediation process and work equitably with you and your ex to reach an outcome in spousal support, property division, custody and child support that is fair to each of you and to your children.

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