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Experienced Guardian ad Litem Protects Children’s Best Interests

St. Petersburg, Florida attorney representing minors in family litigation

If you seek to appoint a guardian ad litem, the Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A. combines skilled representation with compassion. Ms. Sandvoss has more than 18 years of family law experience, including certification as a Family Law Mediator for the Supreme Court of Florida. She protects the interests of the children she serves through her knowledge of Florida litigation and her understanding of the sensitive issues that often accompany divorce and other family law disputes.

Skills and experience to fulfill each duty of a guardian ad litem

Florida law grants guardians ad litem the authority and responsibility to act in the child’s best interests in a number of ways, including granting them the ability to:

  • Request expert examinations — A guardian ad litem can request the court to order examinations necessary to a proper evaluation of the child’s interests. These exams can be performed by physicians, psychologists or other relevant professionals.
  • Interview parties with important information — When representing a child, guardians can interview the child, parents and any other people with knowledge of the child’s welfare. We have the experience to identify the proper subjects and question them in an efficient manner that reveals the vital information needed to represent the child.
  • Inspect medical and other records — Conducting a thorough review of complicated family matters requires detailed analysis of documents, including medical reports. With more than 18 years as a practicing attorney, Christina Sandvoss can conduct an efficient review so that the best resolution can be reached as quickly as possible.

Upon review of all pertinent information, attorney Christina Sandvoss files a written report with the court, detailing her recommendations and possibly appending a statement reflecting the child’s wishes.

Dedicated to serving young people and the Largo-area community

As stated on the state’s GAL website, Florida’s guardians ad litem are powerful voices for children enduring difficult times. Guardians often serve not only as legal advocates but also as trusted advisors for children who truly need someone on their side. From your first meeting with Christina Sandvoss, you will understand her commitment to using her unique skills and experience to improve the future for children in need.

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If you are involved in a legal matter where a guardian ad litem is necessary to advocate for a minor, reach out to the Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A. in St. Petersburg. Call 727-201-0158 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation.