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The Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A. in St. Petersburg, Florida focuses on issues related to family law and divorce. As a sole practitioner, attorney Christina Sandvoss gives personal attention to every aspect of our clients’ cases. The people we represent can rest assured that the attorney they first consulted is the same person managing their filings, making court appearances, speaking to pertinent parties, and advocating for their rights from start to finish. For the last 20 years, Christina Sandvoss has gained a reputation for responsive service, personal attention and honest answers that has gained the trust of clients and the respect of opposing counsel and the court.

Experienced representation for a wide range of family law issues

Prior to opening this family law practice, Christina Sandvoss served as a child welfare attorney at the Pinellas County State Attorney’s office and the office of the Attorney General of Florida. That experience, as well as years in private practice, informs our approach to a wide array of family law matters, including:

On all of these issues, clients can expect candid advice, based on practical knowledge.

Child custody assistance from a qualified parenting coordinator

Florida family law allows the court to refer child custody disputes to a parenting coordinator as a form of alternative dispute resolution. The parenting coordinator facilitates a “resolution of disputes between the parents by providing education, making recommendations, and, with the prior approval of the parents and the court, making limited decisions within the scope of the court’s order of referral.” (2016 Florida Statutes § 61.125)

Christina Sandvoss is a qualified parenting coordinator, which requires an attorney to:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Florida Bar
  • Have three years of post-licensure practice
  • Have completed a family mediation training program certified by the Florida Supreme Court
  • Have completed a minimum of 24 hours of parenting coordination training and a minimum of 4 hours of training in domestic violence and child abuse related to parenting coordination

Ms. Sandvoss serves as a parenting coordinator on referral from the Sixth Judicial Circuit, serving Pinellas and Pasco Counties. This experience informs her approach to divorce litigation and post-divorce child custody disputes, and makes her particularly effective in removing impediments to the formation of appropriate, manageable parenting plans as well as the resolution of conflicts over the enforcement or modification of existing plans.

Achieving child support results that reflect your financial reality

Florida law considers child support to be the legal duty of both parents. The state child support guidelines decide how much one parent might pay to the other in basic child support. The factors the court considers when applying the guidelines include the amount of time the child spends with each parent, the parents’ net incomes, and certain specified expenses such as health insurance and day care.

However, issues often arise beyond basic child support, such as private school tuition, special needs expenses, and costs of enrichment activities. Courts generally want to maintain children as much as possible at the standard of living they enjoyed before the divorce. So, if a child has been going to private school, the court is likely to order tuition payments, even if the supporting parent must struggle to provide them.

In our practice, we advocate strongly for child support orders that reflect reality. We use the discovery process to compel full disclosure of finances, so the court has a clear picture of your economic circumstances before issuing its child support order.

Post-divorce, we represent parents in actions to modify child support orders. A parent seeking a modification must show a substantial, unanticipated, and permanent change in circumstances. Supporting parents who are dealing with a catastrophic illness or long-term unemployment may qualify if the circumstances are expected to last a year a more. Recipient parents can oppose the modification, especially if there is evidence the supporting parent is withholding facts, is earning unreported income, or is deliberately earning less money than possible.

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