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Proven Florida Attorney Handles Time-Sharing and Custody Issues

St. Petersburg firm advises on visitation arrangements and disputes

When the parents of a minor child break up, Florida law requires them to develop a parenting plan. This agreement specifically details when the child will be in each parent’s home and includes clear guidelines for holidays and summer breaks from school. Though courts can impose a schedule on the parties, it is better for the parents themselves to establish these guidelines by mutual agreement. At the Law Office of Christina L. Sandvoss, P.A. in St. Petersburg, we are committed to creating parenting plans that enable children to grow up in a healthy environment, supported by both parents. Over two decades of legal experience, Christina Sandvoss has been dedicated to helping young people in private practice, as a guardian ad litem and as an attorney in the child welfare divisions of the Pinellas County State Attorney’s office and the Florida Attorney General’s office. Our firm uses this experience to help families adjust successfully to their new circumstances.

Dedicated Gulf Coast lawyer develops effective parenting plans

Though Florida law uses the term “parenting time” when addressing physical child custody, courts here, like other jurisdictions, seek to make decisions based on what is in the child’s best interests. Our firm advocates on behalf of clients as well as their sons and daughters in any setting, including:

  • Negotiation of parenting plans — Courts favor time-sharing arrangements that mandate frequent, meaningful contact between a child and both parents. Our experienced attorney can find creative, lasting solutions to concerns about holidays, transportation and vacations. From there, our firm will make an authoritative case for judicial approval of the agreed-upon parenting plan.
  • Mediation — Our firm represents clients in divorce mediation, which introduces a qualified third party to reduce stress and expense. As someone who has been an advocate and a mediator in these proceedings, Christina Sandvoss knows how to reach consensus even when the sides are far apart.
  • Litigation — In certain instances, going to court is the only way to achieve an appropriate result. Attorney Sandvoss has the courtroom experience and legal knowledge to give clients the best chance at a positive outcome.

In a free, 30-minute consultation, we’ll learn about your particular circumstances and outline a strategy for completing a favorable time-sharing arrangement.

Proven advocate assists with parental responsibility determinations

Referred to as “legal custody” in some states, “parental responsibility” is the term used in Florida to describe the authority that parents have to make important decisions on their children’s behalf. In most circumstances, this is held jointly, by both parents, but we can explain potential legal options if one parent is not fit to handle his or her role. Some families attempt to extend joint parenting arrangements to residential matters by establishing “rotating custody,” where a child moves back and forth between homes based on a schedule. However, these plans are not necessarily seen as being in a child’s best interests and might be rejected.

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